About the Designer: Stuart Hillard

The Great British Sewing Bee Semi-Finalist, Stuart Hillard has accomplished a lot in the sewing world since his near-win in 2013.

He’s written three books, designed an array of patterns and quilts, led workshops, worked with multiple brands in the industry and even designed his own fabric collections.

If you’ve met Stuart you know how wonderful he is to be around. A true ray of sunshine, he engages a lot with the sewing community on social media and his Youtube channel, ‘Stuart Hillard Sews’.

Stuart has been sewing, quilting and creating from a very young age. Whilst he’s got a great eye for design, his technical knowledge in quilting and his all-round sewing abilities make him a lot more than a craft celebrity – he’s a know it all. And luckily for us, he loves to share!


Stuart has written three books (so far). His latest ‘Simple Shapes Stunning Quilts’ focuses on teaching the reader how to design their own quilt – something Stuart is no beginner too – using a simple shape block method. Alongside these patterns and quilt designs, Stuart has draws on years of teaching experience to include the ultimate quilting hacks, tips and tricks, as well as his rules for successful quilting. This book contains a lot of valuable knowledge for a quilter of any level. 


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Stuart’s already designed a real variety in his fabric collections. His latest collection Makoti draws inspiration from traditional South African Shwe Shwe patterns, bringing geometric designs together with glowy purple and blue colourways.  This has steered away from his previous collections Hot Air Balloon and Rainbow Etchings which were brighter lighter collections that centred around weather symbols and other fun designs. Stuart’s taste for variety has also bought us a gorgeous Christmas collection, Nutcracker and oriental-inspired fabrics in Kimono.

We can’t wait to see what’s coming from Stuart next, all we know is it’s going to be another wonderful surprise!

We’d love to see what you’ve made! Please tag us in your posts or send us photos of your creations via Instagram and Facebook!


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